The Great McGregor

This past week my brain has been dead. Like dead-dead. Like it felt like my brain was Kristen Stewart. Nothing exciting. No new sparatic thoughts. Boring, boring, boring.

tumblr_mjz8cfhwWO1qc4g8vo2_r5_250 (1)

So I’ve been searching around for inspiration and thankfully, I found some. My two sources for this post have been the delightful movie “Miss Potter” and River Song’s blog. (If you don’t follow her blog already, you are missing out.) So without further ado, here is my analyzation of Ewan McGregor.

(If you find this subject boring, go watch one of his movie then come back and we’ll talk.)

Let us begin.

First of all he plays a Jedi. Don’t believe he could do that? I have proof:

So that counts as like a million awesome person points because a) HE IS OBI WAN KENOBI and b) he did a good job at it. Booyah.

Moving on.

So I don’t know about you, but I have a big thing for accents. And he’s got an accent. Given, I can’t recall it sounding very Scottish, but a Scotsman with a British accent? Give him a good ol’ six pointer.

He is also pretty attractive if I do say so myself. You can disagree. Your choice. So that gives him… I’m gonna say another six awesome person points for that one. (If you disagree after seeing the pictures below, I think you need to go watch the movie you just watched again.)

image (2)



(Please tell me you agree by now.)



(*awkward silence* Okay… Moving on.)

That boy can act, let me tell you. Twelve points right there. Reasoning: Why do I watch Star Wars? Yes , it’s a classic. Yes, I want to be a Jedi and it stimulates my imagination. Yes, I was jealous of Padmé. No, I haven’t seen the third so I end up regretting that jealousy. But now (especially because I have seen a more well-rounded selection of good acting) I watch those bad boys for Obi Wan. Miss Potter? When she said yes to his proposal, I was probably more happy with his reaction than he was with hers. And Alex Rider? One of the best parts is the first five minutes of the movie before Ian Rider dies. Which brings me to my next bunny-trail of thought…

He ALWAYS seems to die!


But seriously! In three of his movies that I have seen, he has died! Okay. In Star Wars, his character died but it still counts. I don’t even know if that deserves points. Maybe two for continuity.

That means so far he has 1,000,026 awesome person points. That’s pretty good. Let’s see how many more he can get.

Well, for fifteen points, (trust me. This is amazing) he can sing. If you have not heard his voice, once your done watching your movie, come back, and have read through to here, click on “This” and do yourself a favor.




If you did not find that astounding, you probably shouldn’t be on this post at all. If that did astound you, then you’re probably wondering why I only gave him twelve points. I’ll tell you why. Because there’s something almost as, if not more, spectacular.


Othello, The Donmar Theatre 2007      

I KNOW, RIGHT?! And it’s a DOUBLE BONUS because Mr. Hiddleston has his baby Hiddles curls. (*insert mega-fangirling*)

Anyways, as I was thinking of this fact, I said to my self, “Self. That deserves another million awesome person points.” And so now he has 2,000,041.

(And just because it’s nine digits off from being even, he gets nine points for spelling his name “E-W-A-N” when he could have spelled it “I-A-N.” Those points should actually go to his parents… Oh well.)

I should probably stop now. It wouldn’t be fair to all the other people who can’t reach 2,000,050 points (eg. Justin Beiber, Stephenie Meyer, Nicholas Cage).

So. Our total awesome person points for today is:
Congratulations, Mr. Ewan McGregor! Thank you for all of your awesomeness! May it continue ever more!

*audience goes wild*
*we shake hands* (I just shook hands with Ewan McGregor. *incomprehensible sputters of excitement*)

*Mr. McGregor smiles and waves and exits stage left*
*camera zoom and I give my best show-host look*

Thank you, everyone, for joining my Kristen-Stewart-brain analyzation of Ewan McGregor.

Have a wonderful morning, lunch time, afternoon tea, supper, or night; and may your life be full of rabbits, light sabers, and cool spy cars.

See you next time!
*cut to wonderful exit music and dance partying*


7 thoughts on “The Great McGregor

  1. OhMAN. I had only heard one of those songs! Thank you for enlightening me!
    Ewan deserves everyone of those 2,000,050 points.
    Also, my love for this post is a little bit not healthy.

    1. It was my pleasure! I had actually heard only one of the songs also but I didn’t know it was him. (It was when he was in Emma. Totally didn’t recognize him!) And I will also recommend Gwyneth Paltrow. She has an AMAZING voice.

  2. Well, thank you for that! I have seen “Miss Potter” numerous times, but never truly comprehended Ewan McGregor’s awesomeness until now. I am listening to him singing at this current time… I don’t even know how to think.
    Thanks again.

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